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Let's Face It 2017

This year, Kara Bullock is joined by 19 guest teachers! Together, we will be giving you 50 weeks of lessons that will encourage and support you along your creative journey. Together we will connect, collaborate and create!

I will be teaching one major lesson, one mini lesson and, I will share a special tip. This course is not open for registration yet, however, you can read more about it and bookmark this page so that on October 10th, you can come back and register. If you register by December 1st, you will get an "early bird" discount.


I am thrilled to be a part of this fantastic team of teachers and I can’t wait to begin this journey with each of you!


Here is a list of the other instructors that will be on the LFI2017 team.  Visit their websites to learn more about them.


Angela Kennedy -

Annie Hamman -

Deb Weiers -

Donna Munro -

Lynda King -

Fran Schlosser -

Heather Foust -

Iris Fritschi-Cussens -

Ivy Newport -

Jeanne-Marie Webb -

Jennifer Albin -

Jennifer Bonneteau -

 Julie Johnson -

Juna Biagioni -

Kara Bullock -

Lara Provost -

Lauren Rudolph -

Effy Wild -

Renata Loree -

Robin Laws -

Send me a message below with any inquiries or questions!

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