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BIO: I was originally trained as an engineer. But with an undeniable passion and interest for painting, I walked away from being an engineer to start a new career. Initially when I first started to paint, my work ranged from still life, figurative and nature paintings, however for the past few years, I have gravitated to florals to which I am now dedicated. In a sense I feel my art echoes the principle of transformation and growth by the magic of converting a blank canvas into as much beauty and enchantment as I can possibly muster. My work also reflects how a singular element (a flower) can be emotionally expressive. For me, creating a painting is like alchemy - a magical, mysterious combination of light, dark, colour, form and human emotion.

ARTIST STATEMENT: I describe myself as an emotional and sensory expressionist. I use the beauty of the floral form to express the human condition by exploring their unique and nuanced shapes and colours. In my work, I reflect the delicate, the drama, the sensory, and the emotion that exists within all of us. My florals exist beyond their botanical, realist representations. Rather, I try to create a profound resonance between my soul, my work and my audience through colour, texture and form. To me, a rose isn't necessarily a rose. Instead, I see it as an image that communicates emotive, human experiences, and that can start a conversation. My paintings and drawings are mostly in private collections in Canada, US, New Zealand, and Europe. I work full-time from my home studio in Oakville, Ontario.

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