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Many of the choices I make in my work are based on a merger of technical decisions and intuition. Will I paint on canvas or panel? Do I start with an underpainting or do I dive in alla prima? What size will it be? What feels right- oil or charcoal or chalk? When I am in the midst of working, do I feel connected to the art, am I allowing the art to develop in its own direction, and am I responding to that direction? These questions are some of my ongoing inner dialog. The answers come from my intuition. In other words, I don’t think my way through my work too much. When it feels right, I follow that feeling, and when it feels complete, then it is done. 


My work is described as intense and alive. I would add authentic. I know I am in an authentic place when I feel connected to what I am making and when my heart responds to the work. The sensation of this connection fills me with purpose and excitement. And even though there is clearly a controlled hand in my painting and drawing, there is also an inner guide which creates (and keeps) all ‘happy accidents’. In the painting process, there are some moments which are almost serendipitous and beyond my control. This is something I appreciate. It reminds me that I am only a part of this process of making art. I like that.

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