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Little Pleasures, Tiny Treasures

Hello dear friends and art lovers! Spring is in full swing as we melt into Summer! A great time to enjoy and participate in the “Little Pleasures, Tiny Treasures" Art Auction with all of us at the Heartful Soul Artist Collective, and there will be gorgeous work by many artists displayed. I have been trying new things lately with the hope to pulling myself out of a creative funk. The process produced new works that I think are quite different from my usual approach. I don’t know how much of this style I’ll adopt in the future, but I sure had fun creating them.

I am so happy and excited to announce that my new work will be up for auction this Thursday, June 21st starting 12:30 EST with the closing time on Friday, June 22nd at noon EST.

If you would like to join this beautiful online event, you can do so by CLICKING HERE and then clicking on 'Going' to be able to view and bid for the art. You can preview my fresh new work individually in this album on Facebook. I hope to see you at the auction! Here is a collage of all the pieces that I will be offering. If you would like to see all the pieces individually CLICK HERE.



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